Elegant, stylish, peaceful and structured outdoor spaces are anything but austere when combined with lush, statement greenery. Marim Outdoor Concept reveals a generous new approach to Garden Design.

Created more than a decade ago by the  Designer João Marim, it aims to revolutionize the perception and use of outdoor spaces. João was born in Lisbon, Portugal and graduated as an Interior Designer at the University of Oporto. After completing his studies, he moved to London following his passion for gardening.

He learned Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Kew Gardens and later he joined the Inchbald School of Design where he did a post-graduate degree in Garden Design. His academic and professional experience has led him to become a skilled nature-lover.

João allows the space to express itself, with a little more oomph than might be the case inside. The focus is on the arrangement of the space, the harmony of proportion and a unique aesthetic that combines plants, materials, light and space. The concept is based on extending the inside space to the modern outdoor space so that it can be enjoyed throughout the year.

 His varied and creative use of water, including the formation of ponds, is a particular characteristic of his gardens, which are known for their strong geometric forms, architectural planting and tranquil ambience.

A well-designed garden has the power to transform. This applies not only to the way sitting or working in a garden can lift one's spirits, but also to the way the home itself can be transformed when it is enveloped by beauty, by well-placed focal points, by flowers that nourish us and by enchanting scents and colours.

He prides himself on working closely with the client to produce unique schemes within the constraints of the brief and the site. The designer has always loved creating which affords him a privileged insight into the design and implementation of every project he undertakes. 
By taking ownership of a total concept, João is able to realize his true vision.