The Marim Outdoor Concept Store offers you the opportunity to view the complete outdoor collection and get to know the suppliers who work closely with João Marim.

The different collection has followed the same trend. It ranges from individual items, such as outdoor barbecue to the full development of the garden furniture, terrace or pool house.

"The customized approach is what makes us stand out in the market," says João Marim, who radiates a passion for the business he carries within him. "For us, every customer receives customized advice. Replicating the previous project is out of the question."

He continues to favour a viable concept and specialist staff. "We listen to our customers and try to get a feeling for how they live and what is important to them. Often we go their homes in order to better analyse the general framework and to harmonize the development. "

The Concept Store distributes more than 20 different brands, always allowing the designer to create the perfect combination for each place.

They start from scratch, looking at every detail and then submit a proposal of articles and carefully chosen solutions placed in the right place. In harmony with the environment, adding value to the property!

"We treat our customers with great care, from the first contact to the delivery, transport and supervision of the installation.... nothing is left to chance."

The Concept Store works very effectively. "For each project, there are new elements that arise and challenges to consider. This is exactly what makes our work so exciting!"

His concept is to extend the indoor area to the outdoors garden area with the Concept Store being a fundamental part in making this happen.

"Above all, I want my clients to enjoy their outdoor investment."