As a child I was very creative and relished any opportunity to build things. In choosing my career, I wanted to do something that gave me the chance to do this every day and so Garden Design became my passion.

I believe that gardening and design go hand in hand and to be truly great at what you do, you need to be able to consider both. I enjoy being hands-on, it gives me the opportunity to interpret what is on paper and make it fit into the environment that I´m sculpting.

By choosing plants that require minimal maintenance and water and using sustainable materials and organic practices, the design that I create helps homeowners reach a common goal to respect and protect the land that we all share.

Creating a garden is not only about its current impact but creating an environment for the future, something that will last, something that will grow and blend in with its surroundings.

Creative input: Receiving the brief from customers, communicating these to the design and construction teams to create gardens that fit the customer´s budget and aspirations.  

Management responsibilities: Full-time management of the landscape team. Responsible for training, scheduling, work allocation and quality control. Ensuring that the client is happy and the project runs according to schedule and budget. 

Personal achievements: Developing luxury outdoor spaces by bringing indoors and outdoors together, while adding value to the property and quality of life of my customers. Always applying my commercial experience.  

Commercial achievements: Developing strong relationships with suppliers and negotiating prices to achieve the highest profit margin.

Services: Landscape Design, Project Management, Landscape, Professional Gardening and Craftsmanship.

It´s all about the creation of better, more useful and prettier places.