The concept

João Marim Garden Design is a small, high end landscape design agency that delivers professional garden services on a national and international scale.

The primary focus is spatial organization, where we harmonise proportions and create a unique aesthetic that combines plants, materials, light and space. The concept is based on extending the inside space into a modern outdoors so that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

João’s approach to gardens, balances an artist’s sensibility and vision with the rigour, pragmatism and attention to detail of a craftsman in bringing that vision to his creations.

His varied and creative use of water, including the formation of ponds, is a particular characteristic of his gardens, which are known for their strong geometric shapes, architectural planting and calming tones.

The designer has always loved creating a vision which allows him privileged insight into the design and execution of every project he undertakes.      

His sole purpose is to transform your garden into a piece of art, a unique and extraordinary space.


Create: Turning customer briefs into beautiful gardens, communicating with the design and construction teams to satisfy the customer´s budget and vision.

Manage: Full-time, onsite, management of the landscape team. Responsible for training, scheduling and work allocation.

Contribute: Developing luxury outdoor spaces while adding value to the property and quality of life of its patrons.

Excellence: Developing strong relationships with approved suppliers, ensuring materials of the highest quality.