ProjectMonte Olivete I was tasked with designing a project for a residence featuring two distinct terraces. The first, overlooking the living room and kitchen, serves as the social courtyard. Positioned on the second floor, there’s a private terrace exclusively for the homeowners.
In the social courtyard, I envisioned a tranquil water fountain surrounded by metal planters, each housing tall birch trees and fragrant rosemary. An elegant iron-bar pergola adorned with wisteria gracefully extends over the living and dining area, providing shade and enhancing the ambiance. Additionally, wooden slats along the side offer privacy from the road.
On the upper terrace, a similar pergola shelters a cozy seating area furnished with sofas. Planters featuring birch trees and adorned with wooden slats entwined with virgin vines adorn the space.
This project exudes elegance and luxury, significantly enhancing the home and offering two distinct spaces for the enjoyment of its residents.
ProjectPerdizes I was approached to revamp a garden where the central feature was a large swimming pool. Despite its size, the exterior spaces of the house were underutilized due to poor design choices in the past. We embarked on a complete renovation project, transforming the pool by halving its size, removing the jacuzzi, and introducing large clusters of Escallonia and Cupressus Leylandii in a formal arrangement.
Adjacent to the living room, we created a new area featuring a kitchen and barbecue setup, complete with a dining table. Additionally, another area was crafted with a fireplace and comfortable sofas, offering a cozy retreat. All the furniture was meticulously designed by our team in collaboration with local carpenters.
Project Castelo The objective for this project was clear: to enhance a patio space characterized by limited sunlight exposure, owing to towering walls that encased it. As per the client’s specifications, the chosen plantings needed to imbue the area with a lush and verdant ambiance.
After careful consideration, we decided on Dicksonia, Cyathea, and Buxus—a selection perfectly suited to thrive in this unique environment.
Project Buenos Aires This space presents a unique challenge due to its lower elevation, resulting in significant temperature variations, particularly during the summer months. Divided into two distinct sections, the patio offers a multifaceted experience.
Facing the living room, flower boxes adorned with hedges serve as a focal point, accentuated by an Anish Kapoor-inspired sculpture. On the opposite side, facing the kitchen, a barred door partitions the space, providing privacy and delineating entry points.
At the upper level, a swimming pool, delineated by expansive glass panels and adorned with stone flooring, adds to the aesthetic appeal.
Thoughtfully selected furniture ensures ample seating capacity, catering to gatherings of varying sizes.