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The Marim Outdoor Concept is the result of 20 years of experience in the design and creation of luxury outdoor spaces and settings tailored especially to our clients’ needs and vision.

“The bespoke approach is what makes us stand out in the market,” says João Marim, whose passion for the business is palpable. “every customer is different and so we deliver a personalized service. You will never see the same garden twice, it isn’t even conceivable. “

The standout collection exudes the same energy. It ranges from individual items, such as an outdoor barbecue to the full design and build of garden furniture, terrace or pool house.


The Marim Outdoor Concept is a resourceful place. “For each project, there are new elements that arise and challenges to consider. This is exactly what makes our work so exciting!”

We are experts in outdoor living, and our mission is to effortlessly bring the two parts of your home together so that you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round with the Marim Outdoor Concept being an essential part in making this happen.



“We listen to our customers and try to get a feel for how they live and what is important to them. Often we go to their homes to study the space and get a better idea of how to blend the components that make up your garden.”

The Marim Outdoor Concept houses more than 20 brands, allowing the designer to combine their favourite pieces to create the perfect look.

We are happy to help and offer you our professional opinion. With a short brief, we can recommend a number of carefully selected items that will complete the look you are after.

How we work

First, share your brief with our inhouse team, online or face to face at your home, we will familiarize ourselves with your taste, initial ideas and lifestyle needs.

Next, we move on to creating your vision, paying particular attention to your needs and expectations and using our experience to recommend improvements where we feel they are appropriate.

Finally, we align your wishes with your budget without compromising on your vision. Once approved, we move on to the implementation phase, bringing your dream to life.